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Download Latest
EmacsW32+Emacs binaries
and nXhtml

The binaries for Emacs and other programs here are for MS Windows. The elisp libraries can be used on any platform where Emacs runs.

Please try to use the unpatched version of Emacs for bug reports about Emacs itself!

There will be no unpatched binaries for released versions of Emacs here. Please go to Emacs home page to get unpatched binaries for MS Windows.

Download latest EmacsW32+Emacs patched Emacs patched icon
This will download an installer for EmacsW32 + Emacs. Emacs is the development trunk Emacs 23.2 version (before the release!), checked out 20091103, and is slightly patched. EmacsW32 is version 1.58 and includes nXhtml. Approx 29 MB.
Download latest EmacsW32+Emacs unpatched Emacs patched icon
This will download an installer for EmacsW32 + Emacs. Emacs is the development trunk Emacs 24.0 version (not yet released!), checked out 2010-10-19, and is NOT patched. EmacsW32 is version 1.58. Approx 31 MB.

Please notice that you can not start Emacs in the last step after installation (Finish) because this assumes that emacsclient starts Emacs automatically and this only works in the patched version!

Please notice also that I often do not check that the unpatched version works ok. I upload it mostly for those who wants to test.

Note: Emacs 23.2 was released 2010-05-08, binaries are available at http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/emacs/windows/

Download only latest Emacs unpatched as a zip file
This will download a zip file with nothing but Emacs. Emacs is the CVS Emacs 23.2 version (not yet released!), checked out 20010-10-19, and is NOT patched. Approx 0 MB.
Download latest nXhtml (zip file) nXhtml: editing web files
This will download a zip file with the latest nXhtml. This is the same nXhtml that is included in EmacsW32+Emacs - but the version here may be newer. nXhtml is version 2.08, zipping date is 20100425. Approx 2373 kB. Release notes.

Notice that you can also update (and download) nXhtml directly from the devel sources. This is in the menus from version 2.04 of nXhtml. (If you have an older version then you can go to nXhtml on EmacsWiki and grab the file web-vcs.el there through the link to it in the repository.)

If you want to get the sources, please see information about sources. You can also use the directory listing for downloading.

For more information about EmacsW32 please go to EmacsW32 home page.