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EmacsW32 has the goal to make it easier for an MS Windows user to get used to Emacs. Please see the page for EmacsW32 for more information.

EmacsW32 also contains nXhtml, see below.


nXhtml is a collection of Emacs elisp packages for working with XHTML and related things from Emacs. See the page nXhtml for more information.

Single Elisp Packages

I used to distribute some elisp packages with EmacsW32. Most of those are now in nXhtml instead. However here are some other elisp packages:

MS Windows cmd and bat file editing

Contains a major mode for editing cmd and bat files. Not written by me. (Included in EmacsW32.)


Simple functions for downloading URLs. Needs latest CVS Emacs. (Not tested for quite a while. Maybe not working at the moment since there are quite a few changes lately to the url functions.)

Debugging Elisp

This file adds the possibility to move inside a function from the elisp *Backtrace* buffer.

Icons for Emacs

A while ago we were trying to find a new good icon for Emacs. I have kept the suggestions and the winner here if anyone wants to use a different icon. Please see Suggestions for New Icons for Emacs.